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TDI Inverters Featured at Fuel Cell Automobile Road Rally

TDI Inverters Featured at Fuel Cell Automobile Road Rally

A leading automotive manufacturer's fuel cell powered concept car being exhibited at the California Fuel Cell Partnership's (CaFCP) 2003 "Rally thru the Valley" will feature Transistor Devices’ LCE inverter. The LCE inverter will demonstrate a fuel cell system’s capability to operate commercially available appliances as well as everyday ac-powered household devices. The high-efficiency inverter converts the fuel cell’s 230Vdc to 400Vdc power to 120Vac, 60 Hz power, which permits the use of readily available accessories and components.

The LCE series inverter is a 1.5kVA dc-ac sinewave inverter that's scaleable up to 30kVA. The low-profile (3U maximum height) rack-mount units operate with a wide temperature range (-20° to 55°) and true N+1 redundancy, making them perfect for applications where failure isn’t an option, and flexibility and expandability are essential.

The LCE series accepts a wide dc input range (24Vdc, 48Vdc, and 230Vdc to 400Vdc) that allows the inverter to operate within the charge and discharge limits of battery technology, making it ideal for back-up uninterruptible power system (UPS) applications. It delivers fully isolated and precision regulated output capable of powering any load with a power factor from zero lead to zero lag. This ability to deliver high peak currents makes it perfect for driving nonlinear loads such as computers, computer-based systems, and data storage equipment, where high surges can damage equipment.

For more information on the CaFCP road rally, visit www.cafcp.com or www.tdipower.com.

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