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Tantalum Capacitor Supplier Receives Mil-Spec Qualification

Cornell Dubilier has been approved by the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) as a qualified provider of CLR79 and CLR81 wet tantalum capacitors. The approval is for P-level reliability (0.1%/1000 h) and voltage ranges from 25 Vdc to 125 Vdc. The P-level approval is in addition to the M level (1.0%/1000 h) that was received in August 2004. The CLR79 is listed as MIL-C-39006/22 and the CLR81 as MIL-C-39006/25. The Type CLR79 is similar to Cornell Dubilier’s commercial Type TAT, while the CLR81 is similar to the company’s Type TAX.

Both types have hermetically sealed cylindrical tantalum cases with a special double-seal construction. Types CLR79 and CLR81 are widely used in avionic applications because of their high energy density and ability to withstand the rigors of outer space. These capacitors also offer up to 15 times the capacitance of a solid tantalum capacitor in the same size and voltage.

Capacitance values range from 1.7 µF to 680 µF at voltages from 25 Vdc to 125 Vdc, and with operating temperatures of –55°C to +125°C. List prices start at $14. A product bulletin on these capacitors is available at www.cde.com/cataglogs/Wet-Tantalum.pdf.

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