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SynQor Implements Component Traceability

SynQor Inc., Hudson, Mass., has implemented a unit and component level traceability system, which provides the ability to instantly retrieve and analyze information for any module or component that flows through its manufacturing process.

SynQor’s proprietary Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) system has been in operation since the company began full scale manufacturing more than three years ago. The initial system release included full routing control and unit level traceability. By introducing component level traceability, SynQor can now track details for every component populated within a unique serialized converter, including the component’s manufacturer, date code, lot code, and receipt history information.

The collection of information is performed seamlessly throughout the manufacturing process with the use of bar codes and automated scanning equipment. Traceability information can then be accessed electronically and analyzed in real time. Simple investigation of a module’s routing history can determine which customers received converters containing a particular reel of components. Any population of converters can be examined for data trends using SPC, histogram, and CpK analysis tools. The MPM system also automates SynQor’s surface-mount set-up procedures and flow manufacturing processes to ensure the quality and integrity of its products.

For more information, contact SynQor at [email protected], Phone: (888) 567-9596, Fax: (508) 485-8414, or visit www.synqor.com.

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