Power Electronics

Synchronous Rectifier MOSFET Driver

The newest member of Anachip's family of high-speed controllers is designed to drive N-channel power MOSFET used as synchronous rectifier in high current and high frequency fly-back converters.

The main benefit of using the AP436 controller is to lower heat-sink temperature by 25°C at full load and to increase system efficiency for 50-W to 120-W fly-back power adapters, which are commonly used for LCD monitors and notebook PCs. With a 5-A, 24-W load adapter incorporated in the AP436, the temperature on the hottest spot of the power supply system can be reduced by as much as 40%.

The AP436 circuit functions are structured to anticipate transformer output transitions which turns the power MOSFET on or off before the transition of the transformer to minimize body drain diode conduction and reduces associated losses dramatically.

The operating voltage is 14 V and power dissipation is 1 W at operating frequency of optimized 200 KHz maximum. It can sink 1.2 A or source 0.9 A on the driving output. With an operating temperature range of –40°C to 125°C, the AP436 is suited for power management designs supporting the commercial and industrial markets.

The AP436 is packaged into SOP8 and SOT89, and priced at $0.70 in quantities of 10,000.

For more information, visit www.anachip.com.

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