Power Electronics

Surface-Mount Resistor

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.’s new 0.25-W surface-mount Power Metal Strip® resistor features a power rating that matches that of larger 1206 size resistors while offering superior overload and pulse-handling capability.

The new WSE0805 resistor is the industry's first device to combine a 0.25-W rating and a resistance range of 10 Ω to 10,000 Ω in the very small 0805 package, which measures 0.080 in. × 0.050 in. (2.30 mm × 1.27 mm) with a maximum height of 0.025 in. (0.64 mm). As a result, this surface-mount component may be used in lieu of larger components with equivalent power capability, thereby saving board space and enabling the design of smaller and lighter consumer products. With its high power rating, the WSE0805 is suitable for replacing low-power leaded wire-wound resistors.

Typical applications for the WSE0805 resistor include voltage amplifier circuits, precision voltage divider circuits, and high-frequency circuits in telecommunications, automotive, industrial instrumentation, consumer electronics and computing systems.

For more information, visit www.vishay.com.

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