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Surface-Mount 5A Schottky Rectifier

Surface-Mount 5A Schottky Rectifier

Central Semiconductor Corp.’s new CZSH5-40 is the smallest available surface-mount 5A Power Schottky Rectifier packaged in the small signal SOT-223 case. The single 5A, 40V chip is manufactured by the epitaxial planar process and designed to meet high current dc-dc or ac-dc rectification applications for all types of commercial, industrial, entertainment, computer, and automotive products.

It provides a lower (1.7 mm) profile than the standard DPAK (2.4 mm) or SMC (2.6 mm) packages. It also uses approximately 30% less board space than an equivalent device in a DPAK, and is ideal for half-brick and quarter-brick power supply designs where board space and component height are critical.

For more information, visit www.centralsemi.com.

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