Power Electronics

Support for Power-Electronic Design Process

Ansoft Corp. and International Rectifier (IR) have released a model library containing IR power-management components for use within Ansoft's SIMPLORER.

The library contains approximately 700 ready-to-use models of IR's diode, insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), and power metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) components. These devices are key building blocks in the development of advanced power-management systems found in automobiles, aircraft, portable electronics, and appliances. The demand for more speed and functionality in these products tests the limits of electric power, making power-management design more critical than ever.

“Our products play a key role in power management,” said Eric Persson, director of field applications engineering at IR. “We realize that Ansoft is the emerging leader in high-performance, multi-domain, system-design solutions. Providing a model library for SIMPLORER will ensure that our current and future customers will have the necessary elements to develop power-management systems using IR components in the industry-leading virtual test environment.”

The IR library is available for free download from Ansoft's SIMPLORER model database Web site (model.simplorer.com). This site provides SIMPLORER users with the ability to search for components by name, performance data, or other specification. Downloaded components can easily be integrated into its local SIMPLORER model library. The download also includes the component datasheet.

To learn more, visit www.irf.com or www.ansoft.com.

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