Power Electronics

Supply Vendor Expands Distribution in Central Europe

Artesyn Technologies has appointed Sasco Holz GmbH as a distributor for power conversion products in central Europe. The appointment is the direct result of Sasco Holz’s successful penetration of key established and emerging markets in countries such as Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Sasco Holz is part of Arrow Electronics Inc., one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components and computer products. The company has offices throughout central Europe—this agreement covers eight countries in the region—in order to site support personnel as close as possible to key customers.

“Sasco Holz’s strategy of placing highly skilled applications specialists at the disposal of key customers fits well with our aim of establishing relationships with OEMs as early as possible in the design cycle,” says Jim O’Sullivan, vice president of worldwide distributor sales for Artesyn Technologies. “The company is very much design-driven, and we are confident that this approach, which helps customers reduce their costs and shorten time-to-market, will further strengthen our sales position in central Europe.”

Michael J. Knappmann, vice president of marketing for Sasco Holz, points out that the new distribution agreement will work to the advantage of all parties. “We are seeing significant sales growth in the power conversion sector, especially for advanced dc-dc products such as intermediate bus converters and point-of-load converters, which are being used by more and more designers for powering low-voltage silicon. As the leader in distributed power technology, Artesyn has a very wide product portfolio, which will enable us to provide our customers with leading-edge solutions.”

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