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Supplier Shortens Lead Times on Current Sense Resistors

Resistor manufacturer Stackpole Electronics is expanding its FAST program to include the RNC thin-film precision resistor series and the CSR current sensing resistor series. SEI previously introduced the FAST delivery service for its wirewound products, which has been well received by the market.

SEI Director of Sales Rob Hudspeth explained the reason for the expansion of this program. “Customers are accustomed to resistors being available from stock…but precision resistors are different. The market for precision thin film resistors is more of a niche market, and it’s not practical to have all ohmic values, TCR and tolerance combinations available from stock. As design cycles continue to shorten, we feel there is a market need for this service.”

The SEI FAST program features guaranteed three-week deliveries on the RNC and CSR series for quantities up to 50,000 pieces. SEI also is one of the few companies to offer 1000-piece reels, and can offer tolerances down to 0.02% and TCRs down to 10 ppm on the RNC series.

Said Chief Operating Officer Jamie Mullane, “The SEI FAST program adds to the services we provide and demonstrates our commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations…and we stand behind our commitments. If we do not meet the committed three-week delivery, the products are free of charge.”

Typical pricing ranges from $0.10 to $1.00 in quantities up to 50,000 pieces. Custom ohmic values are available.

For more information, visit www.seielect.com.

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