Power Electronics

String Potentiometer and String Encoder Engineering Guide

Technical details on the operation, benefits, and use of cable-type position transducers are available free of charge from SpaceAge Control. The String Potentiometer and String Encoder Engineering Guide, 12 pages in length and with 18 color illustrations, enables engineers and technicians to know what applications are best-suited for string potentiometers and string encoders and what the limitations of the technology are.

The publication gives displacement measurement background and techniques on subjects such as accuracy, environmental protection, installation, and lifetime. Application examples ranging from the Delta IV and F-22 to excavators and earth boring equipment are covered. In addition, product-specific features and benefits are summarized, including:

  • DirectConnect™ technology eliminates backlash resulting from spring-loaded and clutched designs.
  • AccuTrak™ threaded cable spool ensures repeatability from cycle to cycle.
  • FastInstall™ design allows 360-degree mounting rotation to eliminate special fixturing.
  • UniExit™ cable exit gives 270-degree displacement cable movement flexibility

The publication is freely available by request at spaceagecontrol.com/req054b.htm

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