Power Electronics

Step-Down DC-DC Converter

Linear Technology Corp. announces the LT1933, a current-mode PWM step-down dc-dc converter with an internal 0.75-A power switch, packaged in a tiny 6-lead SOT-23. Its wide input range of 3.6 V to 36 V makes the LT1933 suitable for regulating power from a variety of sources, including automotive power systems, 24-V industrial supplies and unregulated wall adapters. Its 500-kHz operating frequency allows the use of tiny, low-cost inductors and ceramic capacitors, resulting in low, predictable output ripple.
The LT1933's low VCESAT (370 mV at 400 mA) internal switch provides efficiencies as high as 88%, maximizing battery run-time. Cycle-by-cycle current limit provides protection against shorted outputs, and soft-start eliminates input current surge during start up. The low current (<2 µA) shutdown provides easy power management in battery-powered systems.
The LT1933ES6 is available from stock in a ThinSOT package. Pricing starts at $2.20 each for 1000-piece quantities.

For more information, visit www.linear.com.

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