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Spellman Expands Spellman de Mexico Manufacturing Facility

Spellman Expands Spellman de Mexico Manufacturing Facility

Spellman High Voltage is expanding its state-of-the-art Spellman de Mexico production facility. Spellman’s 30,000-sq ft Mexican plant, staffed by 185 highly trained assemblers, technicians, and manufacturing engineers, produces both finished products and critical subassemblies. The expansion will add 20,000 sq ft and more than 50 workers to the operation.

The factory in Matamoros uses the same cutting-edge and proprietary encapsulation and test technologies found in its New York operation. According to Tom Swensen, who was recently promoted to director of Mexico Operations, “Our design and development centers in New York and in the United Kingdom have benefited greatly by the high quality, on time delivery, and cost savings of the work coming out of Mexico. We are adding people in our New York and Japan facilities due to our overall growth, which is partly a result of the fine work and dedication of our people in Matamoros.”

For more information, visit www.spellmanhv.com.

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