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SOTA First to Receive Certification for AS9100

State of the Art Inc. (SOTA) is the first chip resistor supplier to be independently certified for the aerospace quality system standards AS9100.

SOTA's quality management system was assessed by Eagle Registrations Inc., and it has been certified as conforming to AS9100:2001. The scope of the registration includes the development, production and testing of all thick- and thin-film resistive components, including the company’s MIL-PRF-55342 chip resistors.

Many aerospace companies require AS9100 accreditation for all component and subassembly suppliers. “The AS9100 registration is a logical companion to our ISO 9001 registration,” said SOTA President Robert Hufnagel. “As one of the pre-eminent suppliers of high-reliability resistors, this certification will save our customers the cost of doing site audits, and it is a validation of our commitment to the aerospace industry.”

AS9100 compliance requires additional quality system elements not required by ISO 9001, such as independent validation of materials and processes. Reassessment of the quality system takes place every three years by an independent accredited audit agency.

For more information, visit www.resistor.com.

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