Power Electronics

SOT-23 Power Transistors Save Board Space

Achieving the same current handling capability as much larger SOT-223 equivalents, a series of SOT-23 packaged bipolar transistors from Zetex Semiconductors will significantly reduce pc board size. A move from the SOT-223’s 6.7-mm × 7.3-mm footprint to the 2.5-mm × 3.05-mm footprint of SOT 23 results in a saving of space in excess of 80%.

Capable of switching loads of up to 400 W, the initial offering of six miniature devices comprises three NPN and three PNP transistors, rated at 50 V, 60 V and 100 V. The miniature ZXTN and ZXTP transistors dissipate up to 1.2 W of power, and support a continuous collector current up to 5 A and peak collector current up to 12 A. These devices are suitable drivers of power MOSFETs IGBTs, dc motors, relays, solenoids and high-power LEDs.

A very low saturation voltage also ensures that power losses and circuit efficiency are optimized by the transistors. As an illustration, the 100-V ZXTN2020F is characterized by a VCE(sat) of just 50 mV for a collector current of 1 A. The 10,000-piece price of the ZXTN and ZXTP transistors is $0.21 each.

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