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Solectria Awarded AM General Contract for Mobile Military Power System

Solectria Corp., Woburn, Mass., has been awarded a contract by AM General Corp., South Bend, Ind., to develop four second-generation auxiliary power distribution systems (APDS). The APDS, to be mounted on hybrid electric high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV) produced by AM General, will convert power from the vehicle drive system into high-quality, reliable, 120VAC and 208VAC for powering field-based communications and weapons systems.

“We are pleased to be working with AM General to develop the second-generation APDS,” said Mark Federle, business unit manager of Solectria's Distributed Generation group. “There is a clear need for quality power to drive these systems in the field, and to be able to generate that power directly from a hybrid electric HMMWV makes eminent sense,” said Federle.

This contract is a follow-on to the initial APDS development phase already completed for AM General by Solectria. The first-generation APDS units designed and produced by Solectria are now being tested by the U.S. military at various sites throughout the country. The second-generation APDS units, redesigned to eliminate the need for a transformer, provide superior quality power at a greatly reduced weight and in a much smaller package. Funding for development of the APDS is being provided by the Program Executive Officer for Combat Support and Combat Service Support (PEO CS&CSS).

For more information, visit www.solectria.com or www. amgeneralcorp.com.

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