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Solar Powered Blinds and Shades Systems Shown

G24 Innovations (G24i) showcased a very simple, long term, cost effective renewable source of electricity to recharge batteries and is available to blinds and shades manufacturers and installers across the globe, exclusively from G24i. The solar technology provides users with an easy to install and environmentally friendly solution that enhances the solar shading sustainability of any commercial or domestic building.

G24i Chief Operating Officer, Richard Costello, said, "Working as we do in the blinds and shades sector, it is vital that we have a presence at R+T Stuttgart where we will be able to showcase our innovative product to key players in the industry. We are confident in our system and looking forward to seeing the response that the technology receives at the event."

G24i's DSC module and proprietary intelligent power management technology work as a complete system. Both can be easily mounted on the inside of a window to harvest the available light to power a DC motor enabling the user to control the solar shading with the use of a remote control.

The system also eliminates the construction costs associated with the installation of hard wiring and the operational costs of the constant replacement of batteries.

G24i's solar battery system is currently being used in conjunction with Skyco shading systems and BTX Motors at a major hotel chain in Las Vegas as part of their $50M renovation.

The G24i/BTX/Skyco offering has saved the hotel over $3M in construction costs by utilizing the G24i solar technology.

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