Power Electronics

Soft Recovery FREDs Extend Ratings to 1200 V

Advanced Power Technology has extended its DQ fast recovery epitaxial diodes (FREDs) with 600-V ratings to include 1000-V and 1200-V models, with current ratings ranging from 8 A to 100 A. These devices are offered in TO-220, T0-247 and SOT-227 packages as well as in chip form.

Key features include extremely soft recovery, which reduces EMI and eliminates the need for snubbers; extremely fast reverse recovery, which lowers switching losses; and avalanche energy rating for ruggedness and high reliability. In addition, the diodes offer low leakage, platinum doping and are available in RoHS-compliant form.

These DQ FREDs are designed for use in switch-mode power supplies, alternative energy inverters, motor drives and other industrial applications. The diodes can be used as snubber diodes, hard-switched PFC boost diodes and free-wheeling diodes. Samples are available now. Pricing for 1000 pieces ranges from $0.86 and up.

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