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Smart Power Module Saves Space, Improves Performance for Switched Reluctance Motors

Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced a Smart Power Module (SPM) designed for driving single-phase switched reluctance motors (SRM) for vacuum cleaners. Fairchild’s 50-A-rated FCAS50SN60 Smart Power Module integrates a high-voltage IC (HVIC) and low-voltage IC (LVIC), IGBTs, fast recovery diodes and a thermistor in an ultracompact (44-mm × 26.8-mm) Mini-DIP package. This package features direct bonded copper (DBC) technology that significantly increases thermal performance.

Compared to typical discrete solutions, Fairchild’s FCAS50SN60 reduces power circuit space by up to 40%, enabling designers to incorporate the controller into the SRM assembly. This compact solution greatly reduces overall system size while simultaneously enhancing reliability.

The UL-certified FCAS50SN60, with its built-in HVIC, provides an optocoupler-less, single-supply IGBT gate-driving capability that further reduces overall system size. Its integrated undervoltage lock-out and short-circuit protection ensures excellent reliability. In addition, the FCAS50SN60’s optimized switching speed meets EMI requirements.

In addition to saving space, the SPM’s Mini-DIP package with DBC technology provides extremely low thermal resistance (Rth(j-c) IGBT = 0.9°C/W). Available now, the FCAS50SN60 is priced at $ 30 each in quantities of 100.

For more information, visit www.fairchildsemi.com/pf/FC/FCAS50SN60.html.

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