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Smart Power Module Implements Partial Power Factor Correction

Fairchild Semiconductor’s Power Factor Correction (PFC) Smart Power Module (SPM) implements the Partial Power Factor Correction Switching Converter (PSC) circuit topology, which is ideal for 1-kW to 3-kW air conditioners. By triggering the IGBTs at every half cycle of the line current, the PFC-SPM FSAB20PH60 provides 97% of power factor (typical) and full compliance with the mandatory PFC standard IEC61000-3-2, while offering better EMI characteristics than higher-frequency switching topologies.

Compared to alternative discrete solutions, Fairchild’s PFC-SPM enables simpler designs by combining four rectifier diodes, two IGBTs, a gate-driving IC and a thermistor in a single, thermally efficient module. The device's compact (44-mm × 26.8- mm) direct bonded copper (DBC) substrate package is identical in size and configuration to Fairchild's motor control (Motion-SPM) module. The two modules are designed to be mounted side-by-side to share a single heatsink—thus simplifying designs, speeding assembly and improving overall system reliability.

The PFC-SPM's application benefits include very low thermal resistance (Rth(j-c) = 2.8°C/W for each IGBT; Rth(j-c) = 2.6°C/W for each diode) with the aid of the DBC substrate; low acoustic noise due to an optimized gate-driving IC; and 2500 Vrms of isolation. In addition, increased system reliability is provided by the gate-driving IC's undervoltage and overcurrent protection.

The PFC-SPM comes in a lead (Pb)-free Mini-DIP package. Pricing is $13.48 each in quantities of 100.

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