Power Electronics

Slow Blow Fuses Feature High Current Ratings

Raychem Circuit Protection, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, has introduced RoHS-compliant slow blow surface-mount fuses. Produced in industry-standard 1206 chip sizes, the fuse line offers high reliability, strong arc suppression characteristics and some of the highest current ratings available in the 1206 form factor.

Intended for dc power applications of up to 63 V, slow blow fuses help provide overcurrent protection on systems that experience large and frequent current surges as part of their normal operation. Available in current values ranging from 1 A to 8 A, the fuses suit applications such as protection of power supplies, capacitor filter banks, LCD backlight inverters and electric motors. Raychem fuses enhance electronic system reliability without compromising protection against high current fault conditions and feature clear time characteristics of:

  • 4 hr minimum at 100% of rated current.
  • 20 sec maximum and 1 sec minimum at 200% of rated current.
  • 3 sec maximum and 0.1 sec minimum at 300% rated current.
  • 0.05 sec maximum and 0.002 sec minimum at 400% of rated current.

With samples available now, unit pricing is $0.30 in quantities of 100,000.

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