Power Electronics

SIP DC-DC Converters

Tyco Electronics Power Systems’new single in-line package (SIP) versions of the16-A SuperLynx II, 10-A Austin Lynx II and 6-A MicroLynx II dc-dc converters are available in 2.4-Vdc to 5.5-Vdc and 8.4-Vdc to14-Vdc input voltage ranges. These modules feature programmable output voltages that enable designers to use a standard dc-dc converter to implement various types of output voltage sequencing when powering multiple voltages on a board.

Based on the Austin Lynx Platform, these nonisolated point of load (POL) converters offer EZ-SEQUENCE power sequencing and wider input ranges with pin-to-pin compatibility.

For more information, visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

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