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SiP Combines Hot-swap with EMI Filtering to Meet PICMG3.0

From Picor, a subsidiary of Vicor, the QPI-8 is a system-in-a-package (SiP) device that integrates the hot-swap function with an active EMI filter. This device enables live insertion of plug-in cards and simultaneous EMI noise suppression for dc-dc converter applications. The QPI-8 complies with AdvancedTCA PICMG3.0 requirements for hot insertion and board-level conducted noise limitations to meet EN55022 class B levels. Designed for use on a 48-V or 60-Vdc bus (36 Vdc to 76 Vdc), the QPI-8 is available in a 1.0-in. × 1.0-in. × 0.2-in. SiP with LGA mounting.

The SiP’s EMI filter section provides active conducted common-mode and differential-mode noise attenuation from 150 kHz to 30 MHz. The inrush current limit and circuit breaker functions are designed to support PICMG3.0 hold-up capacity requirements and 200 W per board limit up to a 70°C pc-board temperature.

The undervoltage and overvoltage features include hysteresis, are nominally set to 34 V and 76 V, respectively, and can be individually trimmed using external series resistors. The Power Good output provides optocoupler drive that can be configured to enable downstream dc-dc converters with either active-low or active-high enable inputs.

"As the first product designed to comply with AdvancedTCA requirements and integrate inrush current slew rate control, circuit breaker function and active EMI filter for conducted noise suppression in a small, low-profile SiP, the QPI-8 saves designers valuable board space and greatly reduces design complexity and product time to market," said Bob Lanoue, Picor systems and applications manager. The QPI-8 is priced at $15.85 per 1000-piece quantity.

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