Power Electronics

Single Output Switchers

Deltron Inc.’s new line of highly compact, hot-swap 700-W single-output switchers has power densities of 12W/in3. These newest additions to Deltron’s SlimLine family of space-conscious, high-density power supplies come housed in a 1U-high, rugged aluminum chassis measuring 1.58 in. × 3.35 in. × 11.15 in.

LA Series supplies are power factor corrected and have efficiencies up to 87%. They are equally suited for internal system power within the customer’s equipment or as part of Deltron’s 1U or 2U racking systems. The RA60A 1U rack accommodates up to four units and the LB60A 2U rack holds up to eight units to achieve a maximum power of 5.6 kW. Units can be mounted to provide multiple output voltages or paralleled for hot-pluggable N+1 redundant applications.

Deltron offers three standard models with output ratings of 12 V at 50 A, 24 V at 27 A and 48 V at 14.5 A. All LA Series units include a customer-accessible isolated pilot bias, power fail monitor, dc good signal, inhibit and single-wire current share circuitry. Also included is overvoltage, overload and short-circuit protection. Standard options include an I2C serial data bus, Or-ing diodes and end fans. LA Series models are compliant with international safety and EMC directives.

For more information, visit www.deltroninc.com.

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