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Single-Ended, Isolated Current-Sensing ICs


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Single-Ended, Isolated Current-Sensing ICs

The HCPL-7510 and HCPL-7520 from Agilent Technologies Inc. are specifically designed for low-power electronic-controlled motor drive current-sensing applications.

These ICs incorporate advanced sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter technology to provide accurate linear current sensing performance with single-ended output. Key product specifications include 15 kV/µs common mode rejection at 1000V common mode, 100 kHz bandwidth, single-ended output, 0.06% nonlinearity, and a gain tolerance of ±3% (HCPL-7510) or ±5% (HCPL-7520). These features ensure true isolation, high noise immunity, and the stability needed to accurately monitor motor current in noisy motor control environments. The HCPL-7510 and HCPL-7520 are supplied in a compact, auto-insertable 8-pin DIP package to reduce board space, insertion time, and cost.

For more information, visit www.agilent.com.

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