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Single- and Dual-Channel 10-MBd Optocouplers

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has announced the release of a new series of single- and dual-channel 10-MBd optocouplers—the industry's first such devices rated for 100°C operation—packaged in a reinforced-insulation construction.

The new devices combine aninput LED with an integrated optical photodiode IC detector optimized for applications requiring high data rates. Designed to replace signal isolation transformers and thereby reduce designers' board space requirements, the six optocouplers released today are aimed at industrial applications including communication bus lines, high-speed A/D and D/A converters, digital control power supplies, and industrial controller I/O interfaces, as well as consumer applications such as scan driver IC interfaces for plasma display panels.

Along with a typical speed of 10 MBd and an industry-high 100°C operating temperature rating, the new Vishay Semiconductors optocouplers feature fast rise and fall times, CMR values up to 10,000 V/µs, typical pulse-width distortion (PWD) of 2.9 ns, and a typical propagation delay (tPHL) of 50 ns.

Available in a standard DIP-8 package with a choice of two surface-mount options and one 400-mm-wide lead form through-hole configuration, the new 6N137 and SFH67xx optocouplers feature reinforced insulation per IEC60950 (pending) and eight pure tin leads. For the single-channel devices, an enable function on pin 7 allows the detector to be strobed.

Samples of the new 10-MBd optocouplers are available now with lead times of six to eight weeks for larger orders. Production quantities are available now. Pricing for U.S. delivery in 10,000-piece quantities starts at $0.75 per piece.

For more information, visit www.vishay.com.

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