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Siemens Integrates Entire Motors Portfolio Under Simotics Brand Name

The Siemens Drive Technologies Division has combined all of its electric motors into one product family with the name Simotics, a move designed to integrate the portfolio and improve clarity for customers when selecting motors.

Simotics covers applications in almost all areas, and these motors are an essential component of the Division's integrated drive train. The range encompasses low-voltage induction motors, motors for motion control applications, DC motors, and high-voltage motors.

The low-voltage motors for general industrial applications include the Simotics GP General Purpose motors. These are energy-efficient induction motors. Siemens offers these motors with aluminum frame in the shaft heights 80 to 160, and power ratings of 90 W to 45 kW. Typical applications include pumps, fans and compressors with special requirements regarding low weight and high efficiency.

The Simotics SD Severe Duty motors have a rugged cast-iron frame and cover the power range from 750 W to 315 kW. They are available in shaft heights 100 to 315, and they meet the stricter requirements of the paper and printing industry, as well as the chemicals/petrochemicals industry.

The Simotics TN Trans-Standard motors from shaft height 315 and above cover a low-voltage power range from 200 kW to 1,250 kW. They are available for all common operating voltages and cooling types.

The Simotics DP Definite Purpose motors are manufactured for specific purposes such as motors for roller tables in the steel industry, for smoke-extraction applications in the ventilation of buildings and tunnels, as well as for cranes in almost all standard designs. This class is supplemented by ship motors for use below deck.

The explosion-protected motors known as Simotics XP for mains-fed and inverter-fed operation include non sparking "n", increased safety "e", flameproof enclosure "d", and "dust explosion protection" versions for power ratings up to 1,000 kW and shaft heights up to 450.

The Simotics M Main motors are intended especially for high-dynamic and precisely rotating main drives, also primarily in production machinery and machine tools. The motors are available in asynchronous and synchronous versions with power ratings from 2.8 kW to 1,340 kW at maximum speeds of up to 40,000 rpm. These two motor groups are supplemented by direct drives for gearless use.

The Simotics L Linear motors are compact synchronous motors with maximum dynamic response and precision for use in high-performance linear axes. They reach top velocities of up to 1,280 m/min.

Also available are the powerful Simotics T Torque motors. These are permanent-magnet three-phase synchronous motors with low rated speeds that represent a space-saving alternative to hydraulic and conventional electrical drives. They are suitable for a torque range of 22 to 42,000 Nm with maximum speeds up to 1,800 rpm.

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