Power Electronics

Sensor Measures Barometric Pressure

The Intersema MS5534B series pressure sensor from Servoflo features a 9-mm x 9-mm package along with high accuracy, high resolution and a wide temperature range. The Intersema MS5534B is a SMD-hybrid device with a piezoresistive pressure sensor and an ADC-interface IC. The sensor measures from 0 mbar to 1100 mbar (0 kPa to 110 kPa), and has a temperature range of –40°C to 125°C.

With a low power supply requirement of 2.2 V to 3.6 V, the pressure sensor also has automatic off/on switching to save on power consumption. The output of the sensor is digital with a 0.1-mbar resolution and a relative pressure accuracy of ±0.5 mbar. Furthermore, the user can obtain a temperature output from –40 to 125°C with an accuracy of ±0.8°C.

Six readable coefficients are included with the sensor for accurate software calibration. A 3-wire interface is used for all communication with a microcontroller. Sensor packaging options are plastic or metal cap. Typical applications include weather control systems, mobile altimeters, GPS receivers, and any other application where barometric pressure compensation is required for proper performance. The MS5534B is priced at $15 in quantities of 1000.

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