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Semiconductor Vendor Meets RoHS with 95% of Products

Fairchild Semiconductor has announced that 95% of its products are RoHS compliant today, and that all of its products will be fully compliant well ahead of the July 2006 deadline. Fairchild’s early compliance is a way to provide its customers more time to meet the RoHS directive.

Fairchild maintains an extensive Web site on RoHS and Pb-free information at www.fairchildsemi.com/pbfree. This Web site provides an easy-to-use tool where customers can enter a part number and determine the package conversion date, product ID and if the device is available to purchase or sample. This new suite of Web-based tools and information assists customers in the selection and availability of RoHS compliant products.

“Early compliance to RoHS reaffirms our commitment to make it easy to do business with Fairchild and to promote green products. From devices that conserve power to devices that are Pb-free, we continue to provide environmentally friendly and power-efficient products,” says Mark Rioux, Fairchild’s vice president of Global Quality and Reliability.

Fairchild has implemented two methods of ordering Pb-free products to simplify its customers’ ordering process. The standard part number will denote Pb-free once Fairchild is fully converted, accommodating the needs of customers requiring no part number change. Customers desiring a distinct part number for Pb-free products can order products with an "NL" suffix added to denote "no lead.” All Fairchild products that are Pb-free are clearly distinguished with a “lead-free” factory label on the box or the reel.

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