Power Electronics

Self-Laminating Labels

Self-laminating labels (SB) from Tyco Electronics are an effective method for marking and identifying wires and cables used in almost any application. SB labels use thermal transfer technology for marking, which employs a translucent vinyl film substrate with a permanent acrylic adhesive. The labels are supplied with a white printable area that is over laminated upon application with the translucent portion of the label. SB labels are used in a wide range of electrical and electronic applications as well as in factory automation and communications equipment.

The self-lamination of SB labels protects the printed area from exposure to oil, solvents, water and abrasion. SB labels conform to round, irregular or flexible surface and are suitable for use in applications where the cable or wire is flexed repeatedly. For added application flexibility, SB labels can be flagged around a wire compared to traditional wrapping.

SB self-laminating labels have a typical shelf life of two years and a service temperature of –40°C to 82°C. The minimum application temperature is 10°C. These labels can be imprinted with the T308S or T312M thermal printers. Thermal transfer ribbons from Tyco Electronics are recommended.

For more information, visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

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