Power Electronics

Schottky Diodes

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.’s new Schottky diode series is packaged in the ultrasmall SOD-523 (SC79) package with dimensions of just 1.2 mm x 0.8 mm and a height profile of 0.6 mm.

With very low turn-on voltage, low forward voltage values, low leakage current, and fast switching in a very small, space-saving package, the new BAS40-02V, BAS70-02V, BAS581-02V and BAT54-02V Schottky diodes provide designers with an exceptionally compact solution for general rectification applications in mobile communications and computing systems such as notebooks and PDAs; digital cameras, DVD players and camcorders; and cellular and cordless phones.

The BAS70-02V and BAS581-02V feature a diode capacitance of 2 pF with maximum forward voltage ratings of 1000 mV and 370 mV and leakage currents of 100 nA and 0.5 µA, respectively. The BAS40-02V offers a capacitance of 5 pF, a forward voltage rating of 1000 mV and a leakage current of 100 nA. The BAT54-02V features a capacitance of 12 pF, forward voltage up to 1000 mV and a leakage current of 2 µA. All four new Schottky diodes feature a reverse recovery time of 5 ns.

For more information, visit www.vishay.com.

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