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Rockwell Scientific Signs Contract with Lamina Ceramics


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Rockwell Scientific Signs Contract with Lamina Ceramics

Lamina Ceramics Inc. has been awarded a contract from Rockwell Scientific to develop a package for Rockwell Scientific's RDA012M4 12 bit 1.3 GS/ 4:1 MUXDAC. The package will be developed using Lamina's low temperature co-fired ceramic on metal (LTCC-M), a proprietary multilayer technology that reduces product size, lowers costs, and improves electrical and thermal performance.

LTCC-M is ideal for products used in high bandwidth applications, such as the RDA012M4, because it delivers high heat dissipation, high component density, and low loss characteristics. Because of these performance advantages, Rockwell Scientific selected LTCC-M for its RDA012M4 package. LTCC-M's ability to have the leaded and ball grids cast in the same die was also a factor in Rockwell Scientific's decision.

For more information, visit www.laminaceramics.com.

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