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Robust RF Inductors Offer Shielding

BFi OPTiLAS, the European distributor of Gowanda Electronics, has introduced a new series of surface-mount inductors, the SMRF 1812S. Offer the same robust design as the company’s SMRF 1812 series, they have the added benefit of shielding, which enables the S series to be used in applications where coupling between board components is a concern due to board density.

They are targeted for use in RF applications where board manufacturers require rugged inductors that will withstand the demands of harsh soldering processes, and the product application requires shielding of the inductors due to close proximity of electronic components on the board.

Gowanda Electronics uses the same proprietary manufacturing process for the SMRF 1812S series as is used for the SMRF 1812 series, in order to maximize the robustness of the device. The epoxy compound used for the S series contains specific additives that provide the shielding effect.

For more information, visit www. bfioptilas.avnet.com.

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