Power Electronics

Rising Material Cost Boosts Semiconductor Pricing

Effective Jan. 14, 2005, Powerex is increasing prices by 5% on all discrete SCRS and diodes and on all ND, LD and PD BLOKS. Only orders placed between now and January 14 that Powerex acknowledges can be shipped within this timeframe will remain at the existing price level.

For most of 2004, suppliers have been invoicing Powerex surcharges on materials. Molybdenum has increased in price from $2.60 per pound to $21.40 per pound. Copper has increased from $0.76 per pound to $1.68 per pound. In addition, steel and silicon have experienced double digit percentage increases.

The present forecast is that the world economy will continue to grow and that these conditions will continue throughout 2005. Wherever possible, Powerex has switched suppliers to defray cost. However, at the present level of charges, Powerex has no choice but to increase pricing.

For more information, contact product manager Gary Wilkins at (724)925-4315; [email protected]; or visit www.pwrx.com.

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