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Ripple Attenuator Improves Transient Response

Picor, a subsidiary of Vicor, has released the QPO-2 System-in-a-Package (SiP), an output ripple attenuator that uses active filtering to reduce supply output ripple and noise (periodic and random deviation; PARD) by more than 30 dB from 1 kHz to 500 kHz. The QPO-2 architecture improves transient response and ensures quiet point-of-load regulation when used with most switching power supplies.

The QPO-2 operates over an output voltage range of 0.3 Vdc to 5.5 Vdc and requires an external input bias voltage above the output voltage for proper operation. The device is compatible with most switching power supplies and converters, and regulates the load by using either the remote sensing feature of a converter or the adjust pin of the QPO-2. The adjust feature will correct the converter’s output voltage to compensate for the headroom voltage drop of the filter if remote sensing is not available or not preferred. The headroom setting of the filter dramatically reduces the capacitance needed at the converter output to provide the equivalent transient performance and ripple reduction.

Dimensions of the SiP are 25 mm × 25 mm × 4.5 mm with LGA mounting. The QPO-2 is priced at $13.80 per 1000-piece quantity.

For more information, visit www.picorpower.com.

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