Power Electronics

Resistors Push Ratings to 300 W in TO-227

BI Technologies SMT Division has extended its range of non-inductive power resistors. Offered in a TO-227 package style, the BHPR Series resistors feature increased power ratings up to 250 W and 300 W.

The resistors are suitable for a variety of applications, including power supply snubbers, gate resistors, pulse generators, high frequency amplifiers and dividers in high-end audio systems. They have a resistance range of 1 Ω to 1 KΩ, with tolerances up to ±5% and temperature coefficients of resistance (TCRs) to 100 ppm/°C.

The BHPR Series resistors are designed to provide complete thermal flow from the resistive element to the integral base metal flange of the TO227-style packages, giving design engineers the ability to specify them for high-wattage power electronics circuits that can experience elevated temperatures during operation. The devices are rated for operation within the range from -55°C to +155°C. BI Technologies also will produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements

The BHPR Series resistors feature low inductance M4 screw terminals, providing superior vibration durability. Typical low volume pricing for the BHPR Series resistors starts at $17.69.

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