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Remote Monitoring Service Checks Health of UPS and Battery

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corp. has introduced the web-based Powerware eNotify Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Service for the company’s Powerware uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and battery systems. The eNotify service monitors the ongoing health of the UPS, while also monitoring the battery condition to help prevent battery failure—the number one cause of load loss. The service is available for Powerware 3-phase UPSs immediately and for Powerware single-phase UPSs in second quarter 2005.

Eaton’s new eNotify service provides 24x7, real-time response to UPS and battery alarms, immediate notification of significant events via phone, e-mail or pager, remote troubleshooting and problem resolution. In addition, with eNotify, Powerware service technicians can be dispatched immediately to resolve problems that could jeopardize customers’ mission-critical operations. Fully integrated with Powerware UPS products and the Eaton Customer Reliability Center, the eNotify service provides a monthly monitoring report detailing UPS performance and trending information gathered through the remote monitoring of UPS and battery operating data points.

The eNotify offering complements the modem-based Powerware Advanced Response Service, which currently provides critical alarm notification, remote diagnostics and monthly monitoring reports to Powerware UPS customers. The new, web-based service combines the latest in secure connectivity, anomaly detection, database and alarm filtering software, and specially trained technical staff to provide customers with the most reliable power quality products and service. The eNotify service is available only for Eaton customers with a Powerware service contract who are using web-enabled UPS products.

For more information, visit www.eatonelectrical.com, www.powerware.com or www.eaton.com.

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