Power Electronics

Regenerative AC Drive Is Fully Integrated

With the introduction of a fully integrated, regenerative ac drive in a 7.5-hp to 125-hp range, ABB has extended the array of complete motor-control solutions provided through the company’s ACS800 product family. Regenerative drives—also known as 4-quadrant drives—incorporate an active supply rather than the passive diode supply used in conventional drives. They also have a built-in LCL filter to eliminate high-frequency harmonics.

Regenerative ac drives for this power range previously have consisted of a number of interconnected power blocks. All the regenerative drives are delivered standard with ABB’s start-up assistant, which provides menu-driven help that makes setting parameters intuitive. Optional accessories include EMC filters and extension modules for additional I/O and Fieldbus (communication) adapters.

The units, model number ACS800-U11, are designed for operating voltages of 208 Vac to 240 Vac and 380 Vac to 480 Vac.

For more information, visit www.abb-drives.com.

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