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Rectifier Diode Packages Shrink Footprint By 50%

From Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC), the L-Flat surface-mount packages for high-power rectifier diodes use a lead-clamp structure to reduce mounting area by 50% or more compared to currently available industry-standard packages. TAEC is introducing an extensive line of diodes in the L-Flat package. Members of the L-Flat diode series offer average forward current (IFAV) ratings from 3 A to 10 A, and include general-purpose diodes, fast recovery diodes, high efficiency diodes, Schottky barrier diodes and Zener diodes.

The L-Flat diode series is intended for use in circuit protection applications, including secondary rectification and absorption of free-wheeling and surge current in electronics devices such as motor drivers, ac-dc converters and switch-mode power supplies. The Toshiba L-Flat package measures 4.0 mm × 8.2 mm × 1.8 mm versus the industry-standard D-Pack, which measures 6.5 mm × 10 mm × 2.5 mm. The L-Flat’s 32 mm² mounting area is approximately 50% less than the D-Pack’s mounting area.

Initial devices in the L-Flat series include general-purpose diodes rated at 5 A and 10 A average forward current, with peak repetitive reverse voltage (VRRM) of 400 V or 800 V. The series’ first fast recovery diode is rated at 10-A average forward current and 600-V peak repetitive reverse voltage. Eight high-efficiency diodes offers average forward current ratings of 3 A or 5 A, and peak repetitive reverse voltage of 200 V, 300 V, 400 V and 600 V. In addition, three Schottky barrier diodes rated at 10-A forward current offer a repetitive reverse voltage of 30 V, 40 V or 60 V. Zener diodes are offered in 3-W average forward current ratings, with a selection of reverse voltage ratings from 12 V to 53 V.

Toshiba L-Flat series high-efficiency diodes and Schottky barrier diodes are available now. Samples of the L-Flat general-purpose and fast recovery diodes are available now, and production quantities are scheduled to be available in third quarter of 2005. Pricing for the L-Flat series will start at $0.30, each, in sample quantities.

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