Power Electronics

Rechargeable Magnesium Battery System

A team of scientists under the direction of Professor Doron Aurbach at the chemistry department of Israel's Bar-Ilan University has developed a rechargeable magnesium battery that can be recycled thousands of times with extremely low capacity fading. The battery, which is environmentally non-toxic and non-explosive, may reach a practical energy density ›60 Wh/Kg and demonstrates virtually no self-discharge. The team reports the battery has an operating temperature of –20°C to 60°C and possesses a stable almost constant voltage of ca. 1.1 V (OCP 1.3 V). Aurbach said he feels confident that the new battery's energy density can rival that of lead-acid and Ni-Cd technologies.

Currently, kilo-per-kilo, the new magnesium batteries may be able to generate roughly twice the amount of energy as their lead-acid counterpart. Aurbach and his team are currently working intensively to develop more advanced Mg batteries with higher energy density.

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