Readers letters

Readers letters

Oh go on.

I just read the December issue of Energy Efficiency and Technology and was impressed by the collection of articles. I receive many magazines and most are honestly not worth reading. But I found your magazine especially interesting as I am concerned about energy efficiency and reclamation (I even drive a hybrid car).

You may also want to publish details on the Cash for Appliances program,
Ed Korsberg

Energy miser

I take great care to limit my energy use. It's good for the planet, plus it puts money in my pocket. Last month I got my electric use down to 49 kW-hr. Some steps I took were to make a light over my workbench that has a remote control to turn on any or all of its 12 CFLs. It resets to off when I turn off the main light switch, which I do when I leave the room. I also have a 5-CFL lamp with manual switches. I'm also still using a 1948 refrigerator that uses only 12 kW-hr per month.

Lifestyle is another large factor in energy use. For example, I quit driving five years ago and instead bike several thousand miles as year. But even I must admit, it's been a tough winter for bicycling.
S. Premena

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