Power Electronics

Rack-mount Product Line

UltraVolt Inc’s new HV Rack is a high-voltage multichannel rack-mount product. Featuring preset before and during bias and super-bright digital display readouts for use in high-ambient-light conditions, the HV Rack steps beyond traditional rack-mount power supply technology. More conventional features include multiple output channels, local and remote controls, and universal ac input. The HV Rack also offers constant-voltage-regulation/constant-current-regulation auto-crossover and simultaneous voltage and current monitoring of all channels.

The HV Rack is configurable with up to four independent channels, each ranging from 0 V to 62 V through 0 kV to 40 kV between 4 W and 250 W. Each channel is individually controlled, enhancing usability. Furthermore, the HV Rack’s modular design allows for quick delivery, benefiting those with strict time limitations.

For more information, visit www.ultravolt.com.

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