Power Electronics

Quarter Brick Delivers 50 A of Output Current at High Efficiencies

XPiQ Inc.’s new KHQ050 Series of quarter-brick, dc-dc converters is capable of producing 50 A of output current at extremely high efficiencies in a standard quarter-brick footprint. High efficiencies of up to 91% are reached at 3.3 V and 89% at 1.8 V. High efficiencies allow the converters to operate at ambient temperatures of up to 85°C with sufficient airflow and derating. Full power is available up to 60°C with 300 LFM of airflow. The KHQ050 features a high power density of 104 W per cubic inch and conforms to the industry’s standard footprint, measuring only 2.28 in. × 1.45 in. with a low profile of 0.43 in.

For more information, visit www.xpiq.com.

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