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Quarter-Brick DC-DC Converters for Telecom Applications

SynQor continues to broaden its product line with the introduction of three new isolated dc-dc converter modules. In the PowerQor quarter-brick family, new releases include 5 VOUT and 18 VOUT modules designed for telecom applications. In addition, SynQor has released a new dual-output quarter-brick capable of delivering independently regulated outputs at 5 V and 3.3 V for 100 W of total power. With these new releases, SynQor expands its broad selection of high-efficiency, open-frame, industry-standard dc-dc converters.

SynQor’s new 5-V output quarter-brick, part of the Tera performance series, can deliver up to 30 A (150 W) at over 90% efficiency. The unit offers a wide telecom input range of 35 V to 75 V and employs the industry standard quarter-brick footprint and pin out, measuring 1.45 in. × 2.3 in. × 0.43 in. The module uses synchronous rectification and a fixed switching frequency, offering low noise with an output voltage ripple of only 10 mV (RMS). This release fills out the QTA series, which now includes outputs from 1 V up to 12 V, all from a 48-V input.

SynQor has also released a new 18-V output quarter-brick in the PowerQor Giga series. The unit operates from an input voltage range of 40 V to 75 V and can deliver 5.6 A or 100 W of total power with 91% efficiency and no derating at up to 55°C. The 18-V QGA module is specifically designed to power line drivers for ADSL applications. The unit is available in both open-frame and base-plated versions and has an operating temperature range of –40°C to 100°C.

SynQor’s new DualQor converter offers independently regulated outputs at 5 V and 3.3 V from a standard 48-V input. This high-efficiency module provides 100 W of power in an industry-standard dual quarter-brick footprint and pin out, with a very low profile of 0.34 in. By using independent power trains and control functions, the module provides precise output voltage set points (±1%) and offers very tight regulation for each output rail (±1.5%) over line, load and temperature. An optional pin allows for independent trimming of each voltage by up to ±10%, providing more accurate voltage margining and custom outputs.

All of SynQor’s new quarter-brick products have 2000-Vdc isolation rating and carry a comprehensive set of international safety approvals, including EN60950 and UL/cUL60950. Control and protection features include on/off control, voltage trim, input UVL, short-circuit, output OVP, back drive protection and thermal shutdown.

Pricing for the new products in OEM quantities is as follows: 5 V QTA at $80.50, 18 V QGA at $69.80 and the 5 V/3.3 V DualQor at $80.00.

For more information, visit www.synqor.com.

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