Power Electronics

PWM Controller Supports Wide Input Range

The ISL6420A from Intersil is a PWM (pulse-width modulation) controller that operates from an input of 4.5 V to 28 V. The ISL6420A supports a wide range of applications (5-V and 12-V intermediate bus voltages), and several industrial, medical and consumer electronics applications with high input voltage.

The ISL6420A provides programmable switching frequency from 100 kHz to 1.4 MHz. The output voltage of the converter can be precisely regulated as low as 0.6 V, with a maximum tolerance of ±1% overtemperature and line voltage variations. The PWM duty cycle ranges from 0% to 100% in transient conditions.

The component has voltage mode control architecture with external compensation. Pgood monitors the output voltage and an external capacitor allows the user to delay Pgood, eliminating the need for an extra supervisory IC on the board.

This device features an external reference voltage tracking mode for externally referenced buck converter application and DDR (double data rate) termination supplies, as well as a voltage margining mode for system testing in networking dc-dc converter applications. The error amplifier features a 15-MHz gain-bandwidth product and 6V/us slew rate that enables high converter bandwidth for fast transient response. The ISL6420A is available now in 20-lead QFN and QSOP packages, and is priced at $1.39 in 1000-unit quantities.

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