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PTC Thermistors Short-Form Catalog 2004

The new PTC Thermistors Short-Form Catalog 2004 from EPCOS presents a wide selection of ceramic components whose electrical resistance rapidly increases when a certain temperature is exceeded. The catalog describes the PTC thermistors with their key electrical parameters and other technical data.

Ordering codes are listed, and overviews help design engineers find the correct component. Categories featured include PTCs for overcurrent protection, telecom, switching applications, degaussing, motor starting, sensors and heating elements. The resistance feature makes PTC thermistors ideal for applications such as reversible fuses against current overload or as short-circuit protection in motors.

PTC thermistors are in electronic lamp ballasts and switch-mode power supplies for delayed switching, and in picture tubes to de-gauss shadow masks. Motor-starter PTC thermistors are in compressors of refrigerators. Thermal protection of motors and transformers is another example of PTC thermistor versatility. Applications extend to measurement and control engineering, to entertainment, household and automotive electronics, and to data systems and telecom-munications. PTC thermistors are also used as self-regulating heater elements in such items as hot plates and hot-adhesive guns or for auxiliary heating and pre-heating in automobiles.

For a copy of the PTC Thermistors Short Form Catalog 2004 or for additional information, contact EPCOS by phone at 800-888-7728, or visit www.epcos.com.

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