Power Electronics

PSMA Announces Formation of an Energy Harvesting Committee

The first meeting of of PSMA's Energy Harvesting committee was Tuesday, July 19 at 10 a.m. CDT. First on the agenda was:

1. The general content of the APEC 2012 Energy Harvesting Special session supported this year by PSMA
2. Call to speakers to participate in that Session which is upcoming in early 2012.

Also at this first meeting the mission and activities of this committee will be discussed in the context of assisting the industry.

Other activities we may deem important at a later time would be:

  • Promote energy harvesting technical sessions at APEC in the future
  • Have a much close tie-in with the power electronics community.
  • Have a larger voice in the technical and business communities
  • Promote the technology - in a general way
  • Provide third-party unbiased input to the industry
  • A stronger voice in advancing EH in the APEC conference
  • Put on workshops dealing with technology issues
  • Benchmark products or product categories of interest

Future meetings will be held every month by telephone with the next meeting date determined at the previous meeting.

If you would like to participate, please contact the Association Office (mailto: [email protected]) for call-in information: Arnold Alderman; PSMA Energy Harvesting Committee Organizer.

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