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Project Tests Compatibility of AdvancedTCA Connectors

In March of this year, Positronic Industries initiated the AdvancedTCA Zone 1 Connector Compatibility Project. Positronic developed the Zone 1 connector specifically for AdvancedTCA. Potential suppliers of Zone 1 connectors were invited to participate in the compatibility project and Conec GmbH of Lippstadt, Germany, is among those participating.

The ATCA specification, PICMG 3.0, was adopted in January 2003. Since that time, much work has been done to ensure interoperability between system component suppliers. Also, many ATCA systems have successfully completed qualification testing. Zone 1 connector compatibility will help to ensure the validity of these efforts over time.

According to Gino Nanninga, vice president of sales for Positronic, “ATCA systems were designed for high reliability telecom environments. ATCA also is being considered for industrial, medical and even military environments. Given the scope and magnitude of ATCA, the situation demands Zone 1 connector suppliers show compatibility between products in addition to compliancy to PICMG 3.0, appendix B.”

Compatibility testing is well underway. Once results have been gathered and analyzed, the ATCA community will be notified of compatibility between suppliers. The connector manufacturers participating in the project do not anticipate problems.

Joerg Kuehle, manager of research & development of Conec GmbH Germany, noted, “The basis for compatibility is common contact design and manufacturing technology. High precision screw-machined contacts, manufactured with precision screw machines, ensure reliable connections and are aligned with PICMG 3.0 demands. Solid contacts, made from high conductive material, are capable of fulfilling specified current ratings and provide us with the flexibility for future requirements.”

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