Power Electronics

Programmable Switching Power Supplies

Amrel/American Reliance Inc. has released its expanded line of SPS programmable switching power supplies ranging from 1.2 kW to 30 kW, up to 800 Vdc/2700 Adc and is now available with built-in Ethernet interface. The updated line offers customers greater flexibility with higher levels of power processing and high-speed wireless communication.

The Ethernet option allows engineers to capitalize on the affordability, flexibility, fast implementation and ease-of-manageability that it offers over traditional GPIB systems. The Ethernet option further services customers' ever-increasing demand for wireless communication and delivers a more efficient transmission of large blocks of data, with unlimited device connection and scalability.

All models in Amrel's expanded line can be programmed to act as either a master or slave. They are designed to provide excellent programming with read-back resolution and accuracy. They offer precise line/load regulation in addition to very low peak-to-peak ripple-noise (as low as 25 mV), have the ability to control up to 31 individual slave units through one master unit, managing multiple outputs through one controller for simplified programming, and incorporates parallel capability with automatic current sharing.

The SPS series has closed case calibration, a low-profile/high-power density of 1-U high (1.2 kW), GPIB/SCPI, RS-232, Ethernet and USB interfaces are also available, as well as a 10-turn potentiometer.

For more information, visit www.amrel.com.

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