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Programmable Power Managers Address Complex Consumer Applications

Summit Microelectronics Inc. has expanded its family of Programmable Power Manager (PPM) integrated circuits (ICs). The SMB111 4-channel and SMB112 5-channel PPM ICs are optimized for increasingly complex consumer electronics applications, such as LCD/TFT TVs/monitors, digital cameras/camcorders (DSC/DCC), DVD/MP3 portable media players/recorders, and other applications.

The SMB111 comprises four channels of power conversion: three pulse-width modulated (PWM) dc-dc step-down (buck) converters, and one PWM dc-dc step-up (boost) converter. The SMB112 offers five channels: two PWM dc-dc step-up (boost) converters, one PWM dc-dc step-down (buck) converter, one PWM dc-dc inverting step-up/down (buck/boost) converter and one LDO regulator. The PWM channels on both devices are digitally programmable for output characteristics and monitoring, including voltage output levels to ±0.5% accuracy.

Each array of converters is well suited to powering components commonly found in digital consumer electronics such as LCD-TFT displays, LED backlighting, DSPs, Codecs, embedded CPUs, CCD imagers, motor drives and memory arrays. The outputs are easily scalable for output current due to external MOSFET switches, further enhancing the flexibility for various system requirements.

Advanced power control features include static or dynamic output voltage programming and margining, independent channel sequencing/enable and output slew rate control. Additionally, the devices provide complete power system diagnostics, including input and output monitoring for under/overvoltage (UV/OV), low/missing battery detection, ac adapter detection and RESET/HEALTHY output. The margining function conveniently can be used as an LED backlight brightness or audio-level control. Programming is achieved via the I2C bus and configuration data is stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory of which 96 bytes are available for user data storage.

The SMB111 and SMB112 operate directly from 2.7-V to 6.0-V input. Higher input voltages (two-cell Li-ion or 12 V) can be accommodated in many cases with simple applications configuration. Packaging is the 5-mm × 5-mm 32-pad QFN-32. Available now in production quantities, the SMB111 and SMB112 are both priced at $2.60 each in quantities of 1000 units.

For more information, visit www.summitmicro.com.

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