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Programmable Interface for DC Fans

Programmable Interface for DC Fans

6/3/2003 Programmable Interface
for DC Fans SmartFan Cirrus is a compact, microprocessor-based interface designed for the electronics, industrial, and HVAC control markets. Unlike many fan manufacturers, Cirrus offers an off-the-shelf, user-programmable interface for these fans.

Cirrus controls the speed of, and monitors tach pulses from one or two dc fans (24V or 48V) used in applications such as files servers, ATE products, storage subsystems, medical devices, telecommunications equipment, and HVAC systems. Cirrus regulates fan speed from a control signal (0mA to 20mA, 0Vdc to10Vdc), remote transducer, or thermistor. Alarm outputs are provided for overtemperature, loss of control signal, and failed fan conditions. On-board programming, three mounting, and connection configurations, including DIN rail mount and 4×4 job box mount, make this design extremely flexible and economical.

Other benefits include acoustical noise reduction, environmental (humidity, temperature, pressure, or flow) regulation, greater system reliability, increased fan life, improved safety, and energy savings.

For more information, contact Jim Quirk at 978-486-4160, ext. 207, or e-mail [email protected]

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